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Join our Dutch societal foundation for Digital Health - Healthtech - Medtech founders and entrepreneurs. Together we're working towards a shared vision for our society in which health and healthcare are able to work with state of the art technology, products and services. Our foundation has been launched to close the gap between the current state of digital health and actual promise it entails. Why? We think digital health entrepreneurs, that collaborate, share knowledge and help decision makers steer their companies, are crucial in our society.

Fist Pound


The Dutch Health Leaders Foundation is focussed on representing the Digital Health Founders in national and international perspective.

The foundation wants to bridge the gap between the market and market makers with network, expertise and matchmaking. Our mission to help entrepreneurs and innovators influence stakeholders and enable a positive transformation of healthcare.

Digital Health Leader Foundation Membership

A Freemium Foundation model. We offer a free membership to all Digital Health Companies. Our primary target group are Founders, C-level team-members of startups and scale ups. We’re also inclined to onboard innovation stakeholders to partake in our network, with the likes of corporate C-level board members, innovators and consultancy strategists. We believe it’s necessary to have a strong voice with regulatory organizations (such as insurers, NZa, Zorginstituut), the Ministry of Healthcare and Welfare and investors. Next we see a growing gap between European ecosystems, investors and entrepreneurs. DHLF will create a launching pad for international matchmaking. 

Pragmatic and supportive ecosystem katalysator 

We’re asking Dutch healthtech, digital health and medtech entrepreneurs to help build and strengthen a much needed bridge towards the successful transformation of healthcare. We see DHLF as a pragmatic and supportive ecosystem katalysator. Providing financial support would be beneficial to accelerate our mission. We’re asking the strong and successful companies to sponsor the foundation. 

Funding of the foundation

As we believe this foundation should be free for all. Yet we ask mature companies to help carry the load by paying a small sponsor fee. Think along the lines of €500 or 1.000,- per organization per year. It’s our ambition to be a non-commercial representation of health entrepreneurs. 

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Peer reviewed insight from health entrepreneurs


Connecting the dots within the ecosystem


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Sharing and enhancing market insights